Play fight leads to death of girl in care of juvenile brother

Play fight leads to death of girl in care of juvenile brother

Juveniles are often influenced by the things they see on TV and in their homes, and may be unable to distinguish reality from fantasy. Children in Wisconsin who are under a certain age may not have the reasoning ability to determine when they should follow the example of an older role model, and when they should make different decisions. Because of the unique circumstances regarding juvenile crimes, these cases may be handled delicately and more carefully by law enforcement officials and prosecutors.

A young boy may not have understood the consequences of his actions while he was baby-sitting his younger sister and wrestling with her, using moves he had seen in wrestling matches on a popular TV channel. The boy called emergency services when his sister stopped breathing after complaining of a stomachache. 

The wrestling network encouraged people to be careful when passing judgment on the case and claimed no responsibility for the boy’s actions. Police claim the boy seemed happy when talking about the beating, possibly symbolizing that he did not understand the serious results of his actions. He has recently been charged with second-degree murder in the girl’s death, and the parents have not yet to made a comment on the case.

Although prosecutors believe that they have evidence that the young boy is responsible for his sister’s death, the case may not be as black and white as it seems. The young boy may benefit from having an attorney who can determine who is to blame for the boy’s knowledge of how to fight, and at thirteen, he may be able to receive counseling and have a fulfilling life if he has the help of the right people.

Source: WXOW, “Boy, 13, charged in ‘wrestling’ death of girl, 5,” June 18, 2013