Parking lot argument leads to assault conviction

Parking lot argument leads to assault conviction

When two people are in a relationship in Wisconsin and one seeks to end that relationship, the conversation may get emotional and intense very quickly. If a person does not have the ability to control their emotions in intense situations, acts of domestic violence may occur during the confrontation. Rather than having an intelligent discussion like two adults and ending the relationship, the two parties involved may quickly start yelling, screaming, and hitting each other.

According to reports from the incident, a young man met his girlfriend at her work after she attempted to break up with him. The man may have already been jealous and angry because his girlfriend had sent him a picture of a tattoo she had with another man’s name. Minutes after the conversation started, the woman claims she was hit and knocked unconscious, and the man proceeded to stomp her face and break her jaw.

After pleading no contest to the charges, a judge sentenced the man to probation and jail time for the incident. The judge may have been stricter on the man because he has had previous incidences of violence with the same woman.

With his past history of violence and the evidence against him, the man may have chosen to plead guilty rather than face a lengthy trial and possible stronger punishment. An attorney can help any person facing domestic assault charges to work with prosecutors to decide the best way to handle their case, whether that is seeking a plea agreement or fighting the charges.

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