Officers find nurses distributing drugs at Milwaukee VA Hospital

Officers find nurses distributing drugs at Milwaukee VA Hospital

While so many Americans are being charged with illegal drug distribution, prescription drug distribution is on the rise in Wisconsin and around the nation. This may be due to the growing number of people who are addicted to prescription drugs. Prominent employees in the medical field have access to these prescription drugs, and may be more likely to use this power to sell, distribute or take the medication themselves.

Such is the case of four medical professionals working at Milwaukee’s VA hospital. Although they have yet to be arrested on charges of distribution of drugs and narcotic drug possession, a licensed practical nurse and three certified nursing assistants are court-ordered to appear later this month.

The nurses face substantial charges if convicted. Two of the CNAs may spend up to three years in prison, while other CNA is looking at a six-year sentence. The licensed nurse will receive the longest sentence of over 25-years for the drug charges.

The acts of drug distribution were thought to have been taking place for several months before the Veteran Affairs Police Department received word of the crime from a fellow worker. Although the officers found no evidence that the Percocet and oxycodone were being taken from patients or the hospital, one of the accused nurses admitted to selling the drugs.

Those who work with prescription narcotics on a daily basis may not consider the consequences of passing them around work or giving them to friends. This serious offense may require the legal expertise of an experienced criminal attorney. An attorney may be able to help formulate a defense based on the facts of the case.

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