Multiple drug charges filed against man in Wisconsin

Multiple drug charges filed against man in Wisconsin

A recent case in Wisconsin involves accusations that a man engaged in criminal activity on several occasions in Dec. 2015. He now faces both weapons possession, illegal sales of weapons and drug charges. Because of the gravity of the charges against him, a conviction could incur severe consequences, including many years in prison.

A federal grand jury for the West District of Wisconsin returned an indictment against the accused on a recent Wednesday. Four separate counts of cocaine distribution and three counts of possession of firearms as a convicted felon were among the various charges rendered in the case. Additionally, the man is accused of selling weapons to an undercover police officer.

Each of the drug violation counts that have been filed against the man carry a potential prison sentence of 20 years. Beyond those possible penalties, the gun-possession charges he now faces can incur 10 years of prison time, each. Multiple law enforcement agencies, including an FBI task force and a Wisconsin sheriff’s department, are said to have participated in the investigation leading to the recent indictment.

The 23-year-old Wisconsin resident will now face each of the charges against him in court. Any person facing similar weapons or drug charges may want to secure a strong legal defense on his or her behalf. There are criminal lawyers available who are experienced in cases involving drug and weapons violations at the state and federal level. Seeking the advice of an experienced legal professional would most likely benefit those who are preparing for impending court proceedings.

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