Milwaukee women arrested for prostituting a 14-year old runaway

Milwaukee women arrested for prostituting a 14-year old runaway

Many in Waukesha may think that crimes such as prostitution or sex trafficking only occur in large metropolitan cities, yet many perpetrators of these crimes prey on small towns because of the relative anonymity that they allow and the inexperience of local law enforcement in dealing with such cases. Plus, the proliferation of the Internet has now allowed people to arrange illicit rendezvous online with partners from other areas. Such factors have helped to contribute to a recent rise in the number of cases surfacing involving intrastate and interstate prostitution rings that are more and more bringing the world’s oldest profession to rural America.

Such appears to be case for three Wisconsin women who were recently arrested by Iron County authorities on charges of, among other things, human trafficking. Police allege that the women had come from the Milwaukee area with a 14-year old girl, with whom they had previously arranged an encounter online with a Mercer man. It was after this encounter when, upon returning to the hotel room where they had been staying, one of the women got into a verbal altercation with the girl, which her led to flee from the room to call for help. Authorities responded quickly and soon found and arrested the three women after a brief pursuit. Charges are reported to be pending against the Mercer man, who claims that nothing beyond kissing occurred between him and the girl during the encounter.

Iron County authorities are being heralded for their quick response to the situation and their handling of such a case that they admittedly don’t see very often. The girl, a runaway also from Milwaukee, has been returned to her family.

Many may think that they either can prostitute or arrange encounters online or in rural areas away from prying eyes with little consequence. Yet as this case shows, these operations are difficult to keep under wraps for long. Anyone facing such a sex-related criminal charge may wish to arrange for an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist with his or her case with the court.

Source: Superior Telegram “3 charged with child sex trafficking in Northwestern Wisconsin” John Lundy, Oct.04, 2013