Milwaukee man charged with trafficking 10 kilos of cocaine

Milwaukee man charged with trafficking 10 kilos of cocaine

We have previously written that prosecutors often try to introduce as many charges as possible when an individual has been accused of drug crimes. For instance, a person who purchased a moderate amount of marijuana for personal use might nevertheless be charged with both possession and intent to distribute.

In Wisconsin and elsewhere, it is important for those accused of drug crimes to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney. In addition to losing their freedom, defendants convicted of felony drug crimes sometimes risk losing their property as well.

Recently, a Milwaukee man was charged with trafficking and drug possession, among other crimes. While traveling through Arkansas, police asked to search his vehicle while he was stopped at a fast food restaurant. A woman traveling with him had called police to say that he was holding her against her will.

While searching the defendant’s car, a drug-sniffing dog caught a scent in an old spare tire. When police cut the tire open, they reportedly discovered large amounts of cocaine inside.

A narcotics sergeant reported: “Ten kilos of cocaine were found inside the tire . . . it’s been cut, a couple of times . . . additives added to it, it’s going to go for over a million.”

The man was arrested and is now being held on $500,000 bond.

In this case, it was reported that the defendant was driving a brand new car. Many people do not realize that someone convicted of a federal drug crime could potentially lose their house or car in addition to facing fines and prison time. A prosecutor may try to argue that the defendant’s property was used in said drug crimes and may seek property forfeiture.

With so much to lose, it is important for drug crime defendants to make sure they speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney who can explain their legal rights and options.

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