Milwaukee man arrested for after burning woman with bleach

Milwaukee man arrested for after burning woman with bleach

On behalf of Craig Kuhary, Attorney at Law posted in Domestic Violence on Wednesday, November 27, 2013.

When hearing the details of many of the domestic violence incidents that happen in Waukesha, one has to think that whoever spoke the words “There’s a thin line between love and hate” seems downright prophetic. It’s often shocking how quickly a simple disagreement between a couple can escalate into a full-blown assault. Yet with all of the emotion that a couple invests in a relationship, perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to see that emotion go from positive to negative so quickly.

Such appears to be the case with a Milwaukee man who is currently facing multiple charges stemming from his assault on a woman. He allegedly came upon her as she was doing laundry, and though the details of their dispute weren’t released, a confrontation reportedly ensued, with the man punching her and then dousing her with bleach. The assault them continued upstairs, with him burning her personal items on top of a gas stove, and then allegedly holding her head to the flames. The woman was left with burns on her face, and chemical burns to other parts of her body from the bleach.

One often wonders why someone would allegedly do such things to someone that he or she was believed to have cared about. Yet it’s often that abundance of emotion that can cause someone who might otherwise be described as perfectly calm and rational to fly so quickly into such a rage. While this certainly doesn’t serve as an excuse for any supposed harmful behavior, it can motivate others to be empathetic towards one’s motives. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be helpful to those facing domestic violence charges in securing an acceptable outcome to their cases. 

Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel “Woman doused with bleach and burned; Milwaukee man is charged” Ashley Luthern, Nov. 04, 2013