Marquette teen charged in a string of pedestrian holdups

Marquette teen charged in a string of pedestrian holdups

Some teenagers who commit juvenile crimes are unaware that there are harsh consequences for their actions. Other Wisconsin teens may be fully cognizant that their deviant actions will result in severe penalties, yet they may lack the psychological understanding of what this entails. Evidence shows that the teenage brain is not fully developed and lacks maturity in areas that control aggression, reasoning and the ability to make practical decisions.

A19-year-old Marquette student is currently on extended supervision after serving time at the Racine Youthful Offender Correctional Facility. The teen was apprehended after committing a serious of street robberies. He received a sentence of 2 years in prison and 2 years’ probation after being charged with attempted robbery, robbery, possession of a gun by a felon and one first-degree count of recklessly endangering safety.

In one incident the teen held a man at gunpoint while demanding his valuables and wallet. He used his gun in a number of other pedestrian holdups, each time demanding money. During the holdup of a Marquette University student, the juvenile fired his gun and hit the victim in the hand. The teen is said to be remorseful for his actions and has promised to stay away from trouble in the future.

Teenagers who are involved in a life of crime may spend time behind bars. Many people believe that with the proper rehabilitation, these troubled teenagers may be able to change their ways and rejoin society. Those who are charged with juvenile crimes may want to seek the legal aid of a criminal defense attorney for help in formulating a strong case.

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