Man says addiction was motivation behind pharmacy thefts

Man says addiction was motivation behind pharmacy thefts

Men and women who suffer from drug addictions will often stop at nothing to get the substances they need to obtain their desired high. Often, an addiction to an illegal drug such as cocaine or heroin or to certain prescription drugs can cause a person to commit criminal acts they may not have considered when they were sober. The acts committed in order to fulfill the person’s drug needs are many times the reason the person ends up arrested or in jail in Wisconsin.

A Delavan man who claims he came to the state specifically to find a job may face charges in two dozen incidents of armed robbery of a pharmacy, although he has currently only been charged with five robberies. Statements from the man imply that the robberies were committed in order to feed a personal drug addiction of the popular painkiller Oxycontin.

An employee’s careful eye and close attention may have helped law enforcement officials to arrest the man after he entered a pharmacy in April. The incidents occurred in several different cities throughout the state over a period of time of a little over a month.

When a person is under the influence of drugs, reasoning may be impaired and the person may commit acts that he or she would not normally do. With eyewitness testimony and what appears to be substantial evidence, the man may benefit from setting up a plea deal with prosecutors. Anyone who has been charged with a crime related to drugs may want to consult an attorney to figure out the next step for the person’s future.

Source: Wisconsin State Journal, “Alleged Oxycontin robber charged,” Ed Treleven, April 15, 2013