Man facing felony drug charges, serious consequences if convicted

Man facing felony drug charges, serious consequences if convicted

When Wisconsin residents hear about drug trafficking, they probably think about huge semi-trucks driven by violent criminals. While this can indeed occur, most drug trafficking cases are on a smaller scale. Drug trafficking is one of the most common forms of drug charges that individuals face.

The selling and importing of drugs is illegal and is considered a felony in most cases. It is a very serious crime and has far-reaching consequences that are much more severe than simple drug possession. Due to the alleged evidence found at a residence during a drug investigation, a man is now facing multiple drug-related charges.

Authorities were investigating drug trafficking at a home in Wisconsin recently. When authorities arrived at the home, a 32-year-old man reportedly fled from the area. He was eventually apprehended by officers in the woods nearby. Authorities say that they were able to recover electronic scales, supplies for packaging drugs, 70 grams of cocaine and over $5,500. The man was arrested and charged with multiple drug offenses, including cocaine trafficking and felony possession of cocaine.

The accused could face several years in jail if convicted. He may also be subjected to pay significant fines. Every specific case regarding drug charges is completely different from other cases, so it is important to fully understand one’s situation and what legal options are available. It may be possible to mount a solid defense that will keep one out of jail and possibly even avoid a life-changing conviction. Enlisting the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney with knowledge of drug-related charges can help ensure the accused receives a fair trial.

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