Man charged with sex crimes thought to be a victim of abuse

Man charged with sex crimes thought to be a victim of abuse

According to a number of psychological studies performed on sexual offenders, many of the offenders were found to be sexually, physically and emotionally abused as young children themselves. There is a significant correlation with abused children growing up to be adults who perpetrate unlawful sexual acts on other children. In certain cases in Wisconsin and across the nation, this can start of circle of abuse that is hard to stop.

Such is the case with an Edmonton soldier who was arrested on multiple sexual charges while pursuing a relationship with victims from Wisconsin, Georgia, British Columbia and Ontario. The man let information regarding his crimes slip out when he was talking to a military social worker about communicating with a couple of 12-year-old Wisconsin boys over the internet. When law enforcement later arrested the man, they found pornographic images of children on various electronic devices, as well as on his computer.

The 24-year-old soldier was believed to have assaulted seven other victims, between the ages of 11 and 14-years-old, who testified at the man’s court hearing. The former soldier used chat-rooms and social media websites as a way to meet young adolescents and entice them into sexual discussions.

The former-soldier was convicted of 48 charges of sexual crimes, including invitation to sexual touching, internet child luring, possession of child pornography, sexual interference, and indecent exposure. He was sentenced to 8-years in prison with 12-months already served during pre-trial custody. He will be required to register on the national sex offender registry for the remainder of his life, and must submit a DNA swab for placement in the DNA databank. As a registered sex offender, the man will be restricted from going anywhere near places where children are normally present.

A conviction involving sexual abuse can bring severe consequences to a person’s life. Not only will they be forever labeled a sexual offender, but they may have trouble finding employment as well. People facing these charges may find it beneficial to receive essential legal counsel from a defense attorney.

Source: Sun News, “Former soldier gets 8 years for sex crimes,” Tony Blais, Apr 9, 2014