Juvenile charged with serious crimes will stand trial as adult

Juvenile charged with serious crimes will stand trial as adult

Juvenile crimes are a sensitive subject for many Wisconsin residents. Some teenagers may commit heinous crimes and deserved to be punished. However, many believe the type of punishment inflicted on a teenager should differ from that of an adult. Multiple credible studies have found that teenage brains are still in the process of developing, and operate differently when it comes to controlling aggressive impulses and making decisions. Many teens are simply unable to foresee the consequences of their actions.

Various states have passed laws that require certain violent juvenile crimes to be prosecuted in an adult court setting. A 16-year-old Pennsylvania teen is being charged as an adult under those laws for attempted murder and aggravated assault.

The teenager’s lawyer is looking to have the case transferred to the juvenile system, where the teen may be more likely to receive the help he needs.

The high school sophomore faces serious charges after attacking a security guard and fellow high school students with a knife. The long list of charges includes 21 counts of aggravated assault and four counts of attempted murder.

The juvenile system focuses on rehabilitating teenage criminals, in attempts to transform them into a contributing member of society.

In addition to enforcing strict punishment on young teenagers for their serious crimes, many people believe that these children should receive mental evaluation, psychological treatment and rehabilitation. A criminal defense lawyer who has experience in juvenile delinquency may be able to help provide vital legal advice to those facing charges of juvenile crimes.

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