Illegal school fantasy league involved sexual acts point system

Illegal school fantasy league involved sexual acts point system

Sometimes it takes the disclosure of a story occurring in another state for parents and law enforcement close to home to see if anything similar could be occurring in Wisconsin. For example, it was recently discovered that students at a high school located near San Francisco participated in a fantasy league involving varsity male athletes that awarded points for engaging in certain sexual acts with female students.

Though it is sometimes difficult to determine what sexualized behavior in minors is acceptable, what can be considered juvenile crime and what is simply abhorrent, it is important for parents to understand what kinds of behavior can land their teens in trouble with their school administration and what can land them in trouble with the law. The Bay Area high school decided not to impose discipline on the male student athletes, but most Midwestern schools and some Midwestern law enforcement jurisdictions would certainly hold students accountable for similar behavior.

Fantasy leagues are most often constructed around professional team sports. They can be a great way for individuals to engage in friendly competition either for small prizes or just for the fun of playing. This particular league, however, involved drafting unsuspecting female students into a pool. The male athletes then amassed points online for engaging in various sexual acts with female students.

Given that certain forms of sexual activity between minors are expressly illegal, this kind of league is not only offensive, it could arm school administrators and law enforcement with evidence to build a case against teens who have made this ill-advised choice to participate. If you suspect that your teen might be involved in any variation of this kind of so-called “bonding activity,” it is important to weigh your options and seek the confidential advice of an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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