If I Get an OWI in Wisconsin, Do I Have To Tell My Boss?

If I Get an OWI in Wisconsin, Do I Have To Tell My Boss?

You’re out having the time of your life with some friends. At least you were, until the flashing red and blue lights began to light up your rear-view mirror.  Just like that, you find yourself facing an OWI (operating while intoxicated) charge and are probably feeling overwhelmed by the life-changing consequences unfolding before you.  

Important OWI Considerations 

While the laws in Wisconsin regarding OWI offenses are strict, the laws are designed to teach valuable lessons with realistic solutions. Apart from these lessons, you might be wondering if you need to tell your employer about your recent run in with the law. According to Wisconsin.gov, you are not required to inform your employer unless:

  • Your employee contract has a clause requiring admission of a criminal charge.
  • You drive for work; most driving jobs will have this requirement listed in the employee contract.
  • Your boss finds out and asks. 

While it’s true that you may be fortunate enough to avoid facing workplace embarrassment, there is no avoiding OWI consequences such as: 

  • Fines: Range from $150 to $1100 depending on the type of offense.
  • Suspension of license: Range from 6-9 months, and can be increased for probation violations. 
  • Ignition Interlock Device (IID): If alcohol content is above .15% BAC, judge may issue this device for up to one year. 
  • Potential jail time: Generally, first time offenders are not given jail time. Cases that involve underage passengers or repeat offenses can have lengthy sentences. The final decision is ultimately up to the judge. 
  • Treatment: Substance abuse assessments along with a plan for preventing recurrence.

Find the Right Attorney

When face to face with consequences this serious, your only choice is to find a seasoned attorney like Craig Kuhary. Representing victims of injustice for over 30 years, Craig Kuhary has the experience, knowledge, and determination necessary when your rights are on the line.  Schedule a free consultation today and get the best in legal defense before it’s too late.