I Have a Criminal Record in Wisconsin, Can I Own a Gun?

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I Have a Criminal Record in Wisconsin, Can I Own a Gun?

Purchasing and owning a gun is a right for most adults in Wisconsin. However, there are instances in which a criminal record can affect those rights.

Will a criminal record prevent you from owning a gun in Wisconsin? The answer to that depends on the specifics of your record. 

Owning a Gun with a Criminal Record in Wisconsin: What You Need to Know

According to the Wisconsin Legislative Council, the law prohibits certain individuals from owning firearms in Wisconsin. They include:

  • Individuals who have been convicted of felonies in Wisconsin
  • Individuals who have been convicted of crimes in other states that, if they had been committed in Wisconsin, would have qualified as felonies
  • Individuals who have been adjudicated delinquent for acts that would qualify as felonies if committed by adults in Wisconsin
  • Individuals found not guilty of felonies in Wisconsin due to mental diseases or defects
  • Individuals found not guilty of acts in other states due to mental diseases or defects if those acts would qualify as felonies in Wisconsin

Thus, having a criminal record in Wisconsin may prevent you from legally purchasing and/or owning a firearm. Whether a criminal record affects your right to own a gun depends on the nature of the conviction. For example, a misdemeanor conviction typically won’t prevent you from purchasing a gun unless what was a misdemeanor in another state is a felony in Wisconsin.

Is it Possible to Restore Firearm Rights with a Criminal Record in Wisconsin?

A previous felony conviction doesn’t need to prevent you from ever being able to legally purchase or own a firearm in Wisconsin. Under Wisconsin law, you may purchase a firearm if you receive a pardon from the Governor. 

Penalties for Owning a Firearm with a Criminal Record in Wisconsin

Under Wisconsin law, if someone with a previous felony conviction possesses a firearm in Wisconsin, they may be guilty of a Class G felony. Potential penalties for a Class G felony include:

  • A fine of up to $25,000
  • Up to 10 years in prison
  • Both

According to Wisconsin Jury Instruction 1343, to convict someone of owning a gun as a felon, the prosecution must only show the following:

  • An individual knowingly had possession (physical control) of a firearm and
  • The individual has been convicted of a felony prior to being in possession of the firearm.

A gun doesn’t have to be loaded for a felon to illegally possess a firearm. Someone may be guilty of possessing a firearm even if the gun is not capable of being fired. 

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