Husband and wife injured after violent incident in home

Husband and wife injured after violent incident in home

Incidents of domestic violence in Wisconsin are often situations in which emotion levels are high, and physical danger may be prevalent when an argument begins. Spousal abuse occurs when an argument between a husband and wife leads to injuries caused by one to the other. If law enforcement officials are called in these situations, they may first be concerned with securing the safety of all involved, and will complete an investigation later to get the entire story of what happened, in order to determine who should be charged with a crime.

Witnesses claim a man came home drunk with the intention to kill his wife in the apartment she shared with her roommate. The roommate attempted to break up the alleged beating by hitting the man over the head with a glass bottle as he hit his wife and choked her, telling her she was going to die.

Law enforcement officials were alerted to the altercation by an emergency call placed by the roommate, and arrived in time to break up the argument and charge the man with attempted murder. The man and his wife were both treated for injuries at the local hospital after the incident.

In this situation, law enforcement officials may rely strongly on the testimony of eyewitnesses to prove their case. In situations where emotions are strongly charged, eyewitness testimony may be altered by the emotion and adrenaline that surges during the incident, and it becomes more important to get the facts and the evidence in the case. Any person facing domestic violence charges may benefit from consulting an attorney to help prove their case.

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