Homicide charges for Wisconsin man after automobile accident

Homicide charges for Wisconsin man after automobile accident

Alcohol and drugs can impair the ability of the user to the point where bad decisions are made, and reflexes are slowed down because of the chemicals that are in the blood. Because of the effects that these substances can have on a person, it is illegal to operate a car in Wisconsin once the person has reached a certain level of alcohol within their bloodstream. Any person who chooses to drive after drinking too much alcohol may be charged with drunk driving. In more tragic situations, the bad choice of driving while intoxicated may lead to the death of another person.

The lives of four friends were changed forever after one chose to drive a car after drinking alcohol. Although the driver was severely injured in the accident, he will still be charged with OWI-homicide once he has recovered from his injuries. This charge stems from the death of one of the other passengers in the car after the accident. One other passenger left without injuries, while the fourth was also treated for serious injuries at the local hospital.

The accident occurred early in the morning, and further charges may be filed against the driver in the future. There was no information about where the men were before the accident, or where they were traveling to.

 Although the accident was serious enough to cause the death of one passenger, it is possible that it may have been avoided had the driver not been impaired at the time. With his own injuries and the evidence against him, the driver may benefit from making a deal with prosecutors rather than dealing with a lengthy trial while he is injured and grieving the loss of his friend.

Source: Walworth County Today, “Woodstock man arrested, Fontana man dies after one-car crash in Walworth,” June 16, 2013