Green Bay teens linked to a string of auto break-ins and thefts

Green Bay teens linked to a string of auto break-ins and thefts

Although teenagers are on their way to becoming responsible young adults, many of them are still in the process of learning that there can be severe consequences to some seemingly harmless acts. Experts agree that the developing teenage brain may make it hard for some adolescents to control impulsive behavior. Some believe that environmental stimuli, such as peer pressure and presence of parental guidance, also play a role in a Wisconsin teenager’s choice to commit¬†juvenile crimes.

Several teenagers who officers believe are responsible for committing a string of auto break-ins across Green Bay, Outagamie County and Hobart, were apprehended after stealing a truck from an Ashwaubenon man.

The truck was later found in relatively good condition; however, four kids were arrested in conjunction with the theft. They had taken the truck for a joyride and were in the process of deserting the vehicle in Sherwood Forest Park when they were apprehended. A 14-year-old, who ran from police officers, received medical care for minor injuries after being stopped by a police K-9.

Among the Green Bay teenagers involved in the series of incidents were three girls, who now face charges for going along on the joyrides. The teens range in age from 11 to 15-years-old.

It is not unusual for a teenager to display irresponsible behavior. Teens who engage in criminal activity should be given appropriate counseling and treatment. Many learn from their mistakes and grow to become outstanding citizens.

Being convicted of a crime at a young age can forever change one’s life. Juveniles who face criminal charges may want to consider partnering with an attorney who can guide them through the legal process.

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