Girl’s parents feel teen boys should face serious charges

Girl’s parents feel teen boys should face serious charges

The laws in Wisconsin are set up in a way that juveniles are treated differently than adults. This is based on the fact that juveniles often don’t fully understand the consequences of their actions, and rehabilitation may be enough to help them lead fulfilling lives in the future. Juvenile crimes are also kept private in most cases, in order to protect the privacy of all who were involved in the incident.

After she claims she was sexually assaulted, a young California girl committed suicide, and the attorney’s of the boys arrested for attacking her are urging the public to hold judgment until all the facts are heard. The young girl’s family feels that the boys should face serious consequences for their actions, and have made statements and accusations trying to link the girl’s death to the assault.

The incident happened at the house of a friend of all the teens involved, and the details were later posted to a social media site, where the girl first found out about her attack. She was unconscious at the time of the event, and did not remember it happening until she viewed it online. 

In situations that are highly charged emotionally, it is tempting for the public to make an assumption and pass judgment before all the facts are heard. The justice system allows for both sides to present their stories before any decisions of guilt are made. Anyone facing charges for juvenile crimes that can ruin their future may benefit from meeting with an attorney who can help them find the best way to tell their side of the story.

Source: NY Daily News, “Audrie Pott’s family calls for ‘serious consequences’ for the 3 teen boys charged in the sexual assault that led to her suicide,” Sasha Goldstein, April 15, 2013