Former football player caught in domestic violence uproar

Former football player caught in domestic violence uproar

Prominent sports figures in America should be aware that their actions are under constant scrutiny, ultimately reflecting on their reputation and their ability to withstand super stardom. Wisconsin residents, as well as the general public are often quick to overlook the fact that sports stars are also people who have issues and may make mistakes. One bad decision can lead to severe consequences, even for people in the spotlight.

A former Baltimore Ravens running back lost his position on the NFL team due to an incident where he was filmed battering his fiancée at the time, now wife. A hotel elevator camera caught footage of the assault, which has since been released to the public. Although the football player was initially suspended for two games, the NFL Commissioner later changed the institution’s domestic violence policies. First time domestic violence offenders now face a six game suspension, while second offenders may be banned from the game for life.

The former sports star may be able to avoid serving jail time because of an agreement to register into a pretrial domestic violence rehabilitation program. People who successfully complete the 12-month program in New Jersey may be eligible to have the charges expunged from their record. The case is also reliant on the alleged victim’s ability to testify in court.

People who make poor choices in life may face devastating consequences of their actions. A criminal defense attorney may be helpful during these hard times by showing you all of the legal options that are available in your specific situation.

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