Former Brewers pitcher gets domestic violence charges dismissed

Former Brewers pitcher gets domestic violence charges dismissed

Former Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Francisco Rodriguez had his domestic battery charges dismissed recently because the Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel could not meet the burden of proof for the case to continue.

Charged in October for an alleged incident with his girlfriend that took place in September at his home, those allegations were denied three days later. Originally Rodriguez’s girlfriend said that he had struck and injured her, but later recanted that story.

It is believed that the girlfriend and a member of Rodriguez’s household staff who was present in the home the night of the alleged incident, are both now currently in Venezuela and neither can be reached. Mr. Shimel also stated that he doesn’t believe that either Rodriguez or his girlfriend will ever be residents of Wisconsin again, which makes proceeding in this matter difficult. Currently a free agent, Rodriguez was represented by his attorney at the hearing.

Domestic violence is of serious concern to society at the moment, and allegations of abuse carry with them grave consequences and stigmas to both parties involved. They can shame and disgrace the accused and the accuser if unfounded while at the same time tarnishing the credibility and reputation of all associated with the matter. Unfortunately, in today’s society, both false accusations and actual occurrences of domestic violence are a reality.

Should you have any questions regarding what to do if you or anyone else you know ends up in a situation and suspected of criminal behavior, it is best to consult with an experienced defense attorney prior to speaking with anyone else.

Source: Journal Sentinel Online, “Domestic violence case against former Brewers pitcher dismissed,” Bruce Vielmetti, Nov. 29, 2012