Ford denies responsibility in arrest of student crossing border

Ford denies responsibility in arrest of student crossing border

Drugs are often smuggled into the United States from other countries with more relaxed drug laws where they are grown. In order to avoid suspicion, drug makers and distributers may go to extreme lengths to get the substance across the border. Narcotics trafficking is a serious offense in Wisconsin and throughout the rest of the country. If a person unknowingly transfers drugs across the border, they may have a hard time proving that they were not aware that the drugs were in their car.

After being convicted and sentenced to three years in prison, a Mexican man is suing Ford Motor Company for being negligent with keys and codes to unlock car doors. The man was convicted after he was stopped at a border crossing on his way to college classes and the agent found bags of drugs in his trunk. The FBI dropped his charges after uncovering a scheme by several people to plant drugs in vehicles that regularly crossed the border without suspicion. 

The Ford Company denies they are at fault for the man’s problems, and blames the locksmith who provided access to the cars along with the drug dealers. Of the five cars involved in the scheme, four were made by Ford and one was made by General Motors.

The man is suing the company for wages that were lost while he was in jail and the anguish he suffered. Regardless of how obvious a situations looks, every person is entitled to a fair chance before a jury whether they look guilty or innocent, and has the right to be presumed innocent until all the facts are gathered. 

Source: The Daily Caller, “Student was unsuspecting drug mule, blames Ford in lawsuit,” Eric Owens, July 29, 2013