Felony battery charge filed against Kenosha teen

Felony battery charge filed against Kenosha teen

Many teenagers are known for having impulsive reactions, which may lead them to behave in a way that has a significant impact on others. They may even perform juvenile crimes without thinking about the consequences associated with their behavior. This is especially true when they feel threatened or angry. Wisconsin teens are no different.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, a 15-year-old Tremper High School student was sent to juvenile court after assaulting a bus driver who had confronted him. He was hit with a first-degree charge of recklessly endangering safety and a felony battery to a public transit operator. The authorities have released him to his mother until his next court date.

The Kenosha Transit driver subsequently lost his job because he fought back during the attack, which then led to an automobile accident. While the bus driver was engaged with the young boy, the bus began to roll forward and ended up colliding with two parked vehicles. Previous to the altercation, the bus driver asked to see the teen’s student ID, which angered the young boy. He then punched the driver. The teen, who was cited in the past for using expletive language and being disruptive on the bus, was upset at the prospect of losing his bus pass.

A teenager may face harsh penalties when convicted of criminal charges. A criminal conviction can follow a young teen around for years and have a substantial impact on their lives. An experienced lawyer may be the perfect way to guide a minor through the life-changing court process.

Source: WISN, “Student accused of attacking Kenosha bus driver,” Nick Bohr, Feb.11, 2014