Evansville man robs pharmacy while out on bail for armed robbery

Evansville man robs pharmacy while out on bail for armed robbery

There is no question that abusive drug use has a substantial impact on many people’s lives. Countless studies have found that drug addiction is indeed a disease, and can dramatically alter normal brain functioning. In the United States, prescription drug abuse outnumbers abuse of illegal drugs, such as cocaine, heroin and meth. While some addicts obtain prescriptions from legal professionals to feed their compulsive habits, others consort to theft as a way to obtain prescription drugs.

An Evansville man, who was released on bail for multiple armed robbery charges, was caught after robbing a Health Mart pharmacy in Mount Horeb. An employee witnessed the robbery and followed the suspect, who was running to his bike. The employee detained the suspect until Mount Horeb police arrived on the scene. As the man fought with the police officer, he tried desperately to swallow the prescription narcotics that he had stolen from the pharmacy.

The man had obtained bottles of morphine and oxycodone from the pharmacy owner just minutes before the altercation. Armed with a knife and wearing sunglasses and a surgical mask, he had approached the pharmacy owner and demanded the narcotic drugs. The 57-year-old suspect had pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect to previous charges of armed robbery, and had posted $25,000 in bail.

Many people have witnessed the devastating effects that drugs can have on a person’s life. People who succumb to the power of addiction often do things that they normally would not do. They are then left to face the serious consequences of their actions. People who find themselves facing drug charges may want to seek legal advice from a knowledgeable attorney.

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