Efforts to combat abuse of bath salts seem to be working

Efforts to combat abuse of bath salts seem to be working

When a new fad breaks onto the scene, it occasionally becomes something that Americans continue to use for years and even decades. More often than not however, fads are widespread for a short period of time and then quickly die out.

Evidence suggests that the group of substances commonly referred to as “bath salts,” which have been making headlines over the past year or so, maybe a flash-in-the-pan kind of fad. Judging by the number of people being charged with drug crimes related to bath salts and the number of calls being made to poison control centers across the country, the use of the new drug seems to be decreasing.

Unlike efforts aimed at reducing the prevalence of crystal meth us and crack cocaine use, the government’s war on bath salts seems to be producing significant results. Since both federal and local law enforcement began to crack down on production of chemicals used in bath salts and initiated awareness campaigns explaining the risks associated with the drugs, use seems to have dropped substantially.

This summer, the president signed a bill into law which bans many chemicals used in synthetic marijuana and bath salts. The passage of this bill was prompted in part by the fact that bath salts are so easy to obtain on the market and in part by the fact that the substance seems to inspire violent and psychotic behavior in those who partake in it.

Though the use of bath salts as drugs seems to be dropping, government efforts to crack down on the substance are unlikely to let up anytime soon. Those who are accused of drug charges related to bath salts may wish to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to ensure the best possible outcome of their case.

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