Drug charges stem from alleged distribution operation

Drug charges stem from alleged distribution operation

Many Wisconsin residents are aware of the fact that criminal charges are often the result of using, selling or possessing illegal drugs. However, many individuals may not realize just how serious these drug charges and their potential consequences really are. The severity of the penalty for a conviction varies depending on the type of drug one has, the amount of drug one has in his or her possession and other factors, such as whether one appears to have the intention to distribute the drug.

Seven individuals have recently been arrested and charged due to their possible involvement in what police believe to be a very large drug operation. Investigators reportedly seized heroin, cocaine and weapons from two separate homes in Wisconsin from which the drug ring was supposedly operating. Police believe that drugs were brought across the state line from a neighboring state. 

A 35-year-old man has been accused of being the leader of the drug operation. He has been charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and heroin. Six other individuals are facing drug-related charges related to the same distribution operation. Authorities report that they are still attempting to locate one of the individuals charged.

Even when evidence appears to support drug charges, Wisconsin individuals can still bring forth vigorous defenses. In some cases, the defense against charges is as simple as denying knowledge of the situation, while, in other cases, the defense will require a more detailed explanation. Regardless of the defense strategy, the sooner that one begins working on a defense plan with legal counsel, the more time one’s attorney will have to examine the details of the evidence.

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