Domestic abuse charges and their effects

Domestic abuse charges and their effects

People may receive domestic abuse charges in a variety of ways. Over the years, the courts have begun to crack down on such offenses, and those who are convicted may receive stiff penalties.

Someone who faces a domestic abuse charge may find it helpful to understand what all it entails. The charge itself, as well as the conviction, can have a strong effect on a person’s life.


Court proceedings in general can be financially straining. Particularly in regard to domestic abuse charges, they may come with additional fees. Some courts may institute restraining orders against the alleged offender, and if he or she was living with the other party, they must make other living arrangements. Court usually takes place during the weekday, so the defendant may have to take off from work. For those working hourly jobs, this may decrease their pay or even put their employment in jeopardy.

Different penalties

In Wisconsin, domestic abuse charges usually follow under battery or disorderly conduct. Depending on the severity of the situation and the category that the charge fits under, the penalties can range greatly. In some cases, a conviction may include as long as 15 years of jail time and up to $50,000 in fines.

Proper representation

Domestic abuse charges are serious allegations to face; therefore, having the right representation is critical. Though any attorney may be able to represent clients in this type of case, it can be beneficial to have one who has extensive knowledge specific to criminal defense. Previous experience and a tailored approach can be very helpful in developing a solid defense.

Because domestic abuse charges are so serious, it is a good idea to take some time to review the laws in their entirety, as well as consult with a knowledgeable attorney, to determine the best course of action.