Court strips Mount Pleasant teen of his right to play video games

Court strips Mount Pleasant teen of his right to play video games

Teens can typically be very impressionable. Often that’s due to them not having to worry about the normal consequences of being adult, which may cause them to assign more meaning to simple, mundane activities and tasks than they probably should. Such things might seem trivial to an adult, but the amount of emotion that teens invest in them often cause them to overreact or lose their composure, possibly leading them to do things that they normally wouldn’t and, ultimately, come to regret.

Such appears to be the case involving a strange court ruling recently handed down by a Racine Court Commissioner. The case involved a 17-year old Mount Pleasant boy who was arrested after allegedly assaulting his mother in a rage. The cause of his rage: losing at a video game. The teenager reportedly began shouting out obscenities, which escalated to violence after his mother unplugged his PlayStation.

After hearing what had transpired, as well as the mother’s description about how the teen would become violent while playing his games, the court commissioner ordered that the teen not play any video games whatsoever. The boy is expected back in court later this month, but no indication was given if his video game ban would be lifted at that time.

While rulings on juvenile crimes are often different than those in for adult cases, the court usually won’t concern itself with a teen’s gaming habits. Yet if it’s felt those habits may contribute to the behavior that landed them in trouble in the first place, then they may be restricted as part of a teen’s rehabilitation. Anyone whose teen is facing a criminal penalty may want the help of an experienced defense attorney to help him or her understand the court proceedings.

Source: The Journal “Teen ordered not to play video games after allegedly turning violent” Kristen Zambo, Sep. 24, 2013