Couple charged after violent incident in home

Couple charged after violent incident in home

Sorting through the facts and getting the true story is an important part of any domestic violence case. Because of the intense emotions involved between a man and a woman, the story may not always be told how it actually happened. When children are involved, it becomes even more important to determine who is the guilty party and who is abused in the domestic violence incident.

Authorities arrived at a home after receiving two domestic violence calls. The calls came from a husband and his wife who claimed that the other had hurt them. The wife claimed she was choked and pushed after an argument, while the husband claimed his wife injured his arm. Unable to determine who was telling the truth, the officers placed both under arrest.

The argument apparently began over a motorcycle the woman owned, but it is unclear just what the argument was about. The couple are parents to a child, but it is unknown whether the child was at home when the alleged fight occurred. The parents were kept in custody overnight and were released the following day.

In situations of family violence, the facts become less clear as the emotion of the situation is brought into play. When officers are unable to tell who the real culprit is, they may have no choice but to place both people in custody and charge them with the crime. Anyone facing a domestic violence charge, that was the result of an argument by both parties, may want to visit an attorney to make sure their story is told.

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