Correctional officer charged with sex crimes for alleged assaults

Correctional officer charged with sex crimes for alleged assaults

When it comes to sex crimes, there are a variety of accusations that could manifest. They could include anything from inappropriate touching to unwanted sexual intercourse. With today’s society, media outlets help the news of sex crimes travel rapidly, which has the ability to complicate the entire case for the accused individual. It may even make it difficult for a fair trial, particularly when the accused is a person of authority. This may be the case with a jailer here in Wisconsin.

A correctional officer in Wisconsin has recently been charged with second-degree sexual assault. He allegedly engaged in sexual contact and/or intercourse with five separate victims. He is now facing five counts for the Class C felony.

The five female victims say that the sexual assaults occurred on multiple occasions. The incidents allegedly began in Nov. 2011 and continued until Nov. 2014. If the man is convicted, he may spend as many as 25 years behind bars for each count as well as a $100,000 fine per count. In other words, he is potentially looking at 125 years of incarceration and a fine of $500,000.

As with any criminal case, the prosecution must be able to prove every element of the criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt. If this cannot be done, no conviction is possible. Anyone in Wisconsin who is facing charges related to sex crimes will likely benefit by becoming familiar all applicable legal rights as they prepare to defend against the accusations. A strong criminal defense may spell the difference between a conviction and continued freedom.

Source:, “Five women claim sexual assault at jail“, Suzanne Lindgren, April 14, 2015