Child pornography charges for Wisconsin legislative analyst

Child pornography charges for Wisconsin legislative analyst

Child porn charges can range from simple possession of child porn to the actual creation of child pornography. Regardless of the severity of the alleged crime, the penalties can be harsh and an aggressive defense strategy is often necessary. An analyst for the legislative council here in Wisconsin has recently been accused of child pornography possession and will likely need such a defense as he decides how to move forward. 

Apparently, authorities have been watching the BitTorrent network and looking for individuals who are distributing and downloading child porn. One agent allegedly identified a computer in the 57-year-old analyst’s home as being among those that were participating in the distribution. After a search of the man’s home, authorities claim that they located child porn on one computer as well as an external hard drive.

Investigators report that the man’s wife claimed that he had previously informed her that he viewed child pornography. It was not determined if this was a one-time event or if it was ongoing. However, this is information that will likely be used to help either the prosecution or defense, depending on the situation.

For any individual in Wisconsin who faces charges related to child pornography, he or she may gain a bit of peace of mind in knowing that there are legal defenses that can be utilized. A conviction cannot be obtained without proof that is adequate and sufficient being presented. Accused individuals have the right to defend themselves, and the prosecution will have the burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source:, “Legislative analyst suspected in child porn case“, May 15, 2015