Child pornography charges can change one’s life permanently

Child pornography charges can change one’s life permanently

With technology so advanced today, it can take a click of a mouse and one may find themselves facing a serious criminal charge. Prosecutors tend to push for the harshest penalties when it comes to sex crimes, which is something that accused individuals typically need to keep in mind. A 30-year-old man in Wisconsin has recently has criminal charges filed against him for child pornography possession.

Reportedly, an investigator said that he or she became aware of child pornography videos being uploaded to the Internet last September. The videos reportedly came from an e-mail address that included the suspect’s name.  The investigator spoke to the man’s parole officer, as he was on probation after being convicted of a burglary.

The man supposedly said that the e-mail address could have been his. It is also claimed that he said images and pop-ups appeared on his mobile device at one point. He says that these images and pop-ups portrayed underage children in the nude. He says that he never saved the images, and he apparently declined permission to search his cell phone.

Police eventually seized his phone, and authorities reportedly obtained a warrant for full examination of the phone. The man’s home was later searched. At this time, authorities say they found numerous other devices with movies and images of child pornography.

Being arrested and charged with a sex crime, such as possession of child pornography, can cause irreparable damage to the reputation of the accused individual. Should the charges be eventually dropped or result in a finding of not guilty, both of which are possible outcomes, a perceived social stigma from the criminal accusation alone can follow an individual for years. Those accused of such a crime in Wisconsin will want to gain an understanding of the pending charges and potential consequences as they work with defense counsel to contest the accusations and seek a favorable result that is in their own best interests.

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