Can You Still Own a Gun if You Are Convicted of Domestic Violence?

Can You Still Own a Gun if You Are Convicted of Domestic Violence?

If you have been convicted of domestic violence in the state of Wisconsin, law enforcement can legally take your guns away. Although this does not seem legal with regard to the Second Amendment, it is. How is this not a violation of your Second Amendment rights? Continue reading to find out.

Wisconsin’s Domestic Abuse Firearm Surrender

In the state of Wisconsin, domestic abuse injunction, child abuse injunction, and harassment injunction always result in a surrender of firearms by the abuser. These firearms must be surrendered to the sheriff (of the county you live in or where you attend court), or to a person whom you choose and who is approved by the judge or commissioner. This person will be required to attend the injunction hearing with you.

If you are caught with unlawful possession of a firearm in the state of Wisconsin, you will be charged with a Class G Felony. We understand how this law can affect your Second Amendment rights and we will help you fight for your gun rights.

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