Can I Just Represent Myself In My Criminal Defense Matter?

Can I Just Represent Myself In My Criminal Defense Matter?

Yes, you can.  You can also set your bone yourself if you break your arm.

What does that mean? 

It means that you can indeed represent yourself, but you should understand that certain consequences can come with representing yourself.

What are some of these consequences?

When you represent yourself, you are attempting to navigate dangerous terrain successfully on your first try. Consider how often you even get something right on the first try when simply fixing something around the house.

With the law, it is even more complicated. There are no do-overs in criminal law. An experienced lawyer has already been through the process any number of times with any number of clients. An experienced lawyer also keeps up to date by reading about the most current cases and how judges have decided them, particularly when it comes to newer crimes on the internet and in the financial arenas.

That experience means the lawyer is a seasoned guide. The experienced lawyer can guide you through the unseen pitfalls that cause many regular people to stumble on their first journey through the criminal defense system.

Further, aside from the legal consequences, there are also the financial considerations. Getting your case done right the first time is cheaper than having to hire a lawyer who first has to fix any mistakes you made before the case can move forward successfully. 

Therefore, before undertaking your own representation, consult with an experienced attorney. Initial consultations with criminal defense attorney are commonly offered at no charge.