Can a Juvenile Be Tried as an Adult in Wisconsin?

Can a Juvenile Be Tried as an Adult in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, juveniles can be tried as an adult, even if they are younger than fourteen! There are very clear-cut rules regarding trying juveniles as adults. Wisconsin assesses the situation to decide whether rehabilitation is possible and could be the better route. Here is how the ages are differentiated:

17 and Older

If the defendant is 17 years old or older when they commit the crime, they are tried as an adult. Wisconsin does not have any exceptions to this law.


Teens in this age group are tried as an adult under certain circumstances. The court can try them as an adult who has committed any of these crimes: felony or reckless homicide, sexual assault, armed robbery, aggravated burglary, kidnapping, or drug crimes. The court can decide if these will be charged as an adult crime, or a serious juvenile offense.


Yes, a child can be tried as an adult at only fourteen years old in Wisconsin. However, this can only happen if the juvenile court allows it when the district attorney asks.

Less Than 14

Only certain situations can cause a juvenile less than fourteen years old to be tried as an adult. These are

– Someone over ten years old is accused of specific homicide charges.

– If an accused juvenile is in custody and is accused of assault.

If a juvenile in your family is facing severe criminal charges, you want to contact an experienced attorney. Juvenile charges and penalties are far less severe than those of adults. You do not wish your juvenile to be charged as an adult. Contact our team at (262) 518-9816 so we can get to work helping you as soon as possible.