Alcohol a factor in Wisconsin auto-pedestrian accident

Alcohol a factor in Wisconsin auto-pedestrian accident

When an auto-pedestrian accident occurs in Wisconsin, it is typically the pedestrian who suffers the most severe injuries, because they do not have the protection of a vehicle. If the accident was the result of drunk driving, law enforcement officials will perform tests on the driver to gain the evidence they need to arrest and charge the driver for causing the accident. If the accident goes unreported, it may be difficult to prove the driver was under the influence while driving.

A well-loved dentist was killed in the early morning as he was traveling on his bicycle. His body was discovered next to the car that hit him, which had been abandoned when the driver called a friend to pick her up rather than calling authorities. Although authorities did not find a carcass nearby, she claims that she hit a deer and left her car after the impact.

Law enforcement officials discovered that the woman had been at a local tavern before the accident, and she returned to the tavern after. No results were released of blood alcohol tests, although officials do believe the woman was partaking of alcohol before she left the establishment and hit the bicyclist.

Because this woman has a history of traffic offenses, and witnesses place her drinking at the bar before the accident, she may benefit from seeking a plea deal with prosecutors. Any person facing OWI charges may benefit from consulting an attorney to determine the best plea to make in their particular situation.

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