A Top 10 Ranking No One Asked For

A Top 10 Ranking No One Asked For

It is always fun to see where our state ranks in various categories. While Wisconsin routinely ranks among the best states to raise a family, we also rank high in another category that is not worth bragging about.

According to a study by SafeHome, Wisconsin had the 9th
most drunk driving arrests in the nation, with a rate of 406.2 arrests per 100,000 people, compared to the national average of 309.8 arrests per 100,000 people. The study was based on the most recent data available from the FBI and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

What does this ranking mean for you and our fellow Wisconsinites?

First of all, it is important to realize this speaks to enforcement as much as it speaks to the amount of drinking we do. No matter how much alcohol is consumed by Wisconsin drivers, we would not rank ninth unless law enforcement was making DUI and OWI
patrols a priority.

If you go out for a couple drinks with friends, family or coworkers, you need to realize that police officers and state troopers are out on the roads ready to conduct traffic stops and make arrests.

You also need to realize that state officials will not be happy to see this ranking. It reflects poorly on our state and could lead to more scrutiny around drinking-related issues. This could mean an increase in enforcement and more patrols on our highways around holidays and bar closings.

This ranking does not mean we have more dangerous highways than 41 other states. There could be states with more people driving under the influence but fewer DUI arrests due to a lack of enforcement.

My advice?

Arrange a sober ride and make sure your good times don’t result in jail time, fines and the loss of your driver’s license. If you do get stopped, contact me and I’ll take care of the rest.