If Only It Were Always That Clear Cut…

During a period of time when capitols around the country are already on high alert as a result of recent events in Washington, D.C., a very unique OWI arrest took place at our state capitol building in Madison.  As reported by the Associated Press, a 44-year-old man drove his vehicle up the stairs of the Wisconsin […]

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Numerous Legal Substances and Factors Can Cause a False Positive Breathalyzer Test

There is an extensive list of factors and substances that have the ability to affect a breath test, causing a false positive. Examples of such factors and substances include pre-existing medical conditions, medications, mouth alcohol presence, certain foods and vinegar.  If you face an OWI charge, contact Waukesha criminal defense attorney Craig Kuhary. Attorney Craig […]

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Consequences for Repeat OWI Offenses in Wisconsin Become Increasingly Stricter

If you are charged with a repeat OWI offense in Wisconsin, it is has become more important than ever to obtain effective legal counsel to guard your future, freedom, reputation and finances. Over time, OWI laws in Wisconsin have become stricter and the penalties steeper. This year, a bill was signed by Governor Tony Evers, […]

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