Some Wisconsin residents might be unsure what to do if stopped by police under suspicion of drunk driving. Consequences incurred in the aftermath of a drunk driving charge can be quite serious. A strong DUI defense can help motorists accused of intoxicated driving avoid consequences such as revocation of a driver’s license.

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney like Craig Kuhary on your side can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. He knows how to protect your rights and help you navigate the system. In Wisconsin, a person accused of drunk driving must request a hearing within 10 days to challenge a license revocation. Therefore, it would be prudent to contact Craig Kuhary, Attorney at Law, as soon as possible after charges have been filed against you.

As a skilled criminal defense lawyer, attorney Kuhary understands the value of working with prosecutors in order to maximize the opportunity for pre-trial agreements. It is also helpful to know that, as your attorney, Craig Kuhary can appear in court on your behalf provided it is not a day where a plea needs to be entered or a sentence is issued. Not having to appear in court helps you to avoid potential loss of wages in the workplace and spares you from having to be away from your family during a stressful time.

Wisconsin motorists in need of DUI defense can contact Craig Kuhary, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation. He can begin today to develop a defense strategy that aims to minimize the effects of a possible conviction. Together, we can decide if it is in your best interest to accept a plea agreement or try your case in court.