Possessing and distributing child pornography online or offline is a very serious offense here in Wisconsin. Not only is there the potential for hefty fines, but facing time behind bars is a distinct possibility should a conviction be secured. Depending on the exact charge, a prison sentence could range between nine months and as much as 40 years. Understandably, it is crucial to understand what is at risk and what defenses for child pornography charges may exist. This could prove to be extremely valuable.

When you are facing charges of child pornography, you have likely already been arrested following a search and seizure of your home. It is crucial that you speak to someone knowledgeable about the law and the protection of your legal rights. For example, not all search and seizures are conducted properly under the law. In some cases, your rights may have been violated during the search. If any of this occurred, the information gathered in the home search may be ruled inadmissible in court, which simply means it can’t be used against you at trial.

Typically, child pornography charges in Wisconsin require a focused defense. It won’t take long for your case to become public news, which puts your reputation at risk. There is a certain social stigma associated with allegations of sex crimes, which could result in loss of employment, harassment of your family and even receiving an unjust punishment.

The circumstances can very quickly spiral out of control. However, there is action that you can take immediately to protect yourself, your family and your future. This is not something to tackle alone. Child pornography charges here in Wisconsin are clearly serious, and a review of our website may be helpful in determining your next steps and how we can help.