The online world has brought about many opportunities for society. Along with these opportunities have also come new forms of crime and related laws governing them. In Wisconsin, Internet crimes can target different groups or types of activities. One area of cyber crime involves sex crimes against children. It can be important to understand how the state of Wisconsin classifies different online sex crimes.

According to the Wisconsin State Legislature, people who are accused of possession of child pornography can face Class I or Class D felony charges depending upon their ages at the time. Class I charges would be levied against anyone under the age of 18 and Class D charges against those 18 and over. These charges involve the alleged knowledge that sexual explicit material involves a minor or minors. 

A Class C felony charge can result in cases where a defendant has allegedly knowingly contacted a person believed to be younger than 16 online with the intent of engaging in some form of sexual activity with that person. This may be via email, social media or some other online forum. These charges are not applicable in cases where there are less than two years of difference in the ages between the defendant and other party. Involvement in soliciting child prostitution can find a defendant facing Class D felony charges.

The criminal defense process for various computer sex crimes such as online solicitation or possession of child pornography can be complex but success in avoiding convictions may be possible. This information is not intended to provide legal advice but general information regarding online sexual crimes in Wisconsin.

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