In the state of Wisconsin, juvenile offenders who meet certain criteria may be eligible to have their criminal case sealed, or expunged from their record. This means that the courts seal all electronic and paper documentation pertaining to your criminal case. Once your case is sealed, you are no longer required to report it on employment, university or housing applications.

In order to be eligible for an expungement, you must be at least 17 years old and have successfully complied with the specific conditions of your dispositional order, according to Wisconsin legislation. If you were younger than 25 years old when the incident occurred, and received a sentence of 6 years or less, your case may qualify for expungement. Once your sentence is completed, you will be able to file with the courts for record sealing. The court will then determine if society will be harmed by granting your expungement and whether or not sealing your records will benefit your situation.

Although some believe that their criminal case is virtually erased from their juvenile criminal record, it does still exist. No one is allowed access to the information without a court order. However, if you are once again involved in a criminal case, as an adult or a juvenile, Wisconsin legislation states that the courts may use your sealed information for sentencing purposes.

The expungement process gives you the opportunity to clear your criminal record and provide you a second chance at contributing to society. This information should be used for general purposes and not taken for legal advice.