Many in Waukesha choose to exercise their rights to own a gun. Yet gun ownership also carries with it responsibility. Any alleged misuse of a firearm can result in serious consequences, which could easily include one losing the right to own another gun. In situations where tensions run high, such as during a domestic dispute, one may be tempted to pull out his or her gun. Yet even if the intent is only to threaten, the result of such a decision is almost guaranteed to be bad.

Such was the case of a Michigan man recently arrested for pulling a gun on his wife. Officers responding to the scene found him still in possession of the weapon inside of the home. He eventually did surrender the gun to law enforcement and was arrested on multiple charges, including domestic violence. The type of gun wasn’t reported, nor was it specified if he even owned the weapon. Little insight was given by the wife as to why he pulled the gun out, other than her telling emergency dispatchers that he had been acting irrationally.

Having allegedly used the gun as a threat during a domestic dispute, the man’s chances of owning a gun in the future may be slim. Yet there’s no automatic guarantee that he’ll lose those rights, either. The rulings in criminal cases may depend on a number of different factors. With the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, he may be able to avoid such a penalty. Those facing a similar situation may wish to work with their own attorney to see if they can avoid the same consequences. 

Source: Daily Mining Gazette “Rockland man arrested for domestic violence” Jan. 31, 2014