Rebuilding one’s life after a felony conviction certainly isn’t easy. Yet while one’s public persona throughout Waukesha almost certainly took a hit after his or her arrest, that’s not to say that he or she will not be afforded the chances to overcome those past mistakes and go on to be very successful in life. Many are often surprised at just how forgiving both the criminal justice system and the general public can be over time. Yet one has to be willing to take advantage of those opportunities to rehab their image. Allegedly returning to criminal activity would almost certainly derail any chances of that happening.

Yet that’s just what a Stratford man has allegedly done after having just finished a probation term for a past drug conviction. Had he avoided any further trouble, he could have asked a judge to have his prior conviction permanently removed from his record as early as next year. Yet such an offer would certainly seem to be off the table now after he was recently arrested for both weapons and drug possession. All told, he spent less than a month outside of the legal system.

That such a chance at overcoming his past problems now seems to have been squandered is tragic. Yet that’s not to say that he, or any other individual facing legal consequences stemming from drug offenses or other types of felony activity cannot still find a way at securing a favorable outcome to his or her case and then to succeed at overcoming such issues in the future. His or her chances at such an outcome may increase dramatically with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

Source: WSAU “Stratford man faces new drug and gun charges” Larry Lee, Jan. 29, 2014