The issue of growing marijuana in Waukesha for medicinal purposes is a complicated one. While some may believe that has become the excuse that potential dealers fall back on when caught growing their own marijuana crops, there are many who are attempting to grow it simply for the health benefits that it supposedly provides. If and when one is caught cultivating a crop, it can often be difficult for authorities to discern what their true motives are. Yet if one happens to also be in possession of other illicit material, it should come as no surprise that his or her claims are met with skepticism.

Such is the case with a Monona man recently given a three-year prison sentence for possessing child pornography. The pornographic images were found stored of various electronic devices during a search of his home following a police raid. The raid itself was due to his being suspected of growing marijuana. Along with the child pornography, authorities found over 70 marijuana plants. The man claimed that the marijuana was only intended to treat his wife’s multiple sclerosis. Yet the presiding judge in his case discounted his claims, adding an additional 9 months to his sentence following his completion of his term for the pornography conviction.

While some may try to justify their motives for growing marijuana, possession of child pornography may be more difficult to explain away. Combine both crimes and one could potentially be facing some serious consequences. Anyone caught in such a predicament may wish to have the services of a good criminal defense lawyer to help plead his or her case before the court. 

Source: Wisconsin State Journal “Child porn found during drug bust leads to prison sentence” Ed Treleven, Jan. 07, 2014