Many in Waukesha who are currently in relationships may feel as though they are immune to the issues that lead to domestic violence. When this sort of abuse happens, common reactions from others are shock and dismay due to the fact that both the abused and the abuser would be among the last people that they would ever think that this could happen to. Yet as is often the case in a relationship, the line between love and hate is razor thin, and a simple push in the wrong direction can have tragic consequences.

Perhaps no case better demonstrates this than the shocking murder of a Marinette woman at the hands of her live-in boyfriend. Adding an even grimmer note to this story is the fact that woman was herself an advocate for other victims of domestic violence in the area. Her friends claim that she had been planning to end the relationship for some time. As a result of his actions, her boyfriend was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Every story of domestic violence is tragic. Yet the most tragic element of many of these cases is that the one who allegedly perpetrates the abuse isn’t necessarily a bad guy or gal, but rather just someone who lost control of his or her emotions for a brief moment. Unfortunately, that moment can carry with it some fairly serious consequences. Anyone finding himself or herself facing domestic violence charges may be best served handing over the handling of their case to an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

Source: WEAU “Wisconsin man gets life in prison for killing girlfriend who was advocate for domestic violence victims” Jan. 10, 2014