Many in Waukesha may aspire to a life in public service. Such work can be very rewarding, allowing one the chance to effect real change in his or her community. Yet those wanting to work for the people are also often required to live their lives in front of them, as nearly every decision they make is often scrutinized and every step they take is followed. If and when someone in public service does allegedly slip up, such as having a run-in with the law, all of the trust and goodwill that he or she may have built up with his or her constituency can be quickly wiped out.

Such appears to be the case with a man recently jailed following a drunk driving arrest in Baraboo. What makes his story so unique is that he is the former mayor of Superior, as well as of Duluth, Minnesota. Yet his political career was seemingly derailed after he pled no contest to a drunk driving charge while still serving as the mayor of Duluth. He sought reelection after the incident, but did not make it past primary elections. Any hopes he may have had of a political comeback in the near future would seem to be on hold as well, as he is expected to face a third drunk driving shortly after wrapping his current sentence.

While everyone is entitled to a few missteps now and then, allegedly repeating the same behavior can quickly serve to alienate one from others, especially one who currently is or has aspirations of working in the public eye. Yet while a political career might be an unreasonable expectation to have following an OUI offense, a favorable outcome to one’s case certainly isn’t. Those hoping for such an outcome may want to consider working with an attorney to help in getting it. 

Source: WAOW “Ex mayor jailed in Wis. after OWI conviction” Jan. 18, 2014