Many often claim that a little bit of rebellion is to be expected from Waukesha teens. They’re at a time in their lives when they feel as though they are becoming adults, and many feel as though societal practices are aimed at treating them as though they are still kids. While a teen can be forgiven for going a little wild once in a while, it’s when that¬†juvenile delinquency¬†turns criminal that family and friends needs to be concerned. Once that happens, these kids not only face losing out on many of the teenage experiences still awaiting them, but they also jeopardize their chances at enjoying those adult freedoms that they so long for.

A group of Wisconsin teens currently faces such a scenario after a multi-state joy ride and crime spree ended with their being apprehended in New Mexico. They currently face a myriad of both felony and misdemeanor charges with more potentially on the way. Their spree began with them stealing a car in Wisconsin and driving to Colorado, where they briefly led police on a high-speed chase. They later ditched the car and stole another, after which they drove to New Mexico, where they ultimately arrested.

While interviews with a least one of the suspect’s families lends credence to the idea that these were troubled youths, any empathy that authorities feel for their plight may have to be overridden by their obligation to mete out penalties for the laws that these kids broke. Those with teens facing similar legal troubles may wish to seek the help of a defense attorney to assist in helping their teen in arguing his or her case. 

Source: The Denver Channel “Missing Wisconsin teens suspected in Colorado crime spree apprehended in New Mexico” Wayne Harrison, Dec. 28, 2013 

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