Many of those arrested in Waukesha for drug possession are often surprised to find out just how many eyes and ears are focused on them and their alleged criminal activity at any particular time. Police have become very adept at accessing information regarding such activity, often offering leniency to those arrested on drug charges in exchange for information on area drug operations. Those accused of possessing and possibly distributing such substances are usually quick to learn that those who supposedly have their backs may just as easily turn their own on them.

Police reportedly utilized such a network of tipsters in a recent drug operation that lead them to raid a home in Jackson County from which they believed a drug operation was being run. Sure enough, a search of the home revealed methamphetamine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia, as well as a firearm and other illicit items. In all, five people were taken into custody and charged with firearm and drug possession.

A common perception is that those arrested in such raids are caught “red-handed.” And while the evidence against them may be powerful, the multi-layered methods used in such drug stings require law enforcement to walk a fine line to ensure that the one’s rights aren’t violated during the investigation and subsequent arrest. Knowing what those rights are and ensuring that they are respected in such a scenario may be too much to expect from a lay person. As such, he or she may require the assistance of a criminal defense attorney to help with his or her case. 

Source: WEAU “Several people arrested in Jackson County drug bust” Lindsay Alowairdi, Dec. 23, 2013

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