There’s an old saying that goes “One can never get enough of a good thing.” Such a statement implies that one certainly can get enough of a bad thing, yet sadly, some people in Waukesha don’t often seem to fully grasp this concept. When it comes to an OWI arrest, one may garner understanding, perhaps even empathy for allegedly making such a mistake once. Yet if he or she is charged with a repeat OWI offense, that empathy can soon disappear. Couple that with displaying irresponsible or even defiant behavior to authorities, and one’s actions may warrant some serious criminal penalties.

A Madison woman could potentially find herself facing such penalties after her second OWI arrest. According to police, the woman’s intoxicated state led her to crash her car into a light pole. She then walked to nearby business to report the accident, yet continued to drink the alcoholic substance she had with her. Perhaps not grasping the enormity of the situation, the woman even drank in front of the police officers who responded to the accident call.

When alcohol-related car accidents such as this occur, one may already have an abundance of evidence betraying their intoxication to authorities; there’s no need to give them any more by continuing to drink in front of them. Yet just as alcohol impairs one’s ability to drive, it can also impair his or her judgment. Anyone facing such a situation where evidence of intoxication combined with irresponsible behavior has landed him or her in trouble with authorities may wish to seek the assistance the of a defense attorney for help in dealing with that trouble.

Source: Wisconsin State Journal “Woman crashes in alleged 2nd OWI, keeps drinking as she reports it” Taylor Nye, Dec. 14, 2013